Rack & Pinion Compact Pneumatic Actuators

Technically mature product know-how, constructed and produced according to international standards, guarantees absolute safety.

Construction Features
Same dimensions for the double & single-acting actuators with 90° pivoting angle. 180° pivoting angle adjustable from 180° to 120°.
• Low capital lockup because only double-acting actuators have to be kept in stock and
single-acting actuators can be made by simply installing the springs.
• Simple, safe handling through the use of captive, pre-stressed springs.
• Covers a very wide range of applications.
Position Indicator
The position indicator is mounted onto the actuator in such a way that it does not interfere with the NAMUR interface and thereby according to VDI/VDE 3847
• Use of cost-efficient standardised components.
• Quicker, less expensive mounting of signal units.
• Indicators can be seen from long distances.
End Position Setting
About two independently functioning adjustment can be separately adjusted in a range from +5 ° to -5 ° on the screw types APD/APS-040-351 the two end positions.
• Butterfly valves: discs only need to touch the seal and the valve is closed.
• Longer service life through low wear. Low torque and low cost choice of actuator.
• Ball and plug valves: opened position of the ball, i.e. plug can be adjusted exactly.
• Avoids turbulent flow of the medium and cavitations.
Stroke Limiter
In addition to the final positions of the twin torque has for types APD/APS-050-210 standard with a stroke limit adjustment in one direction (opening or closing). This means the rated pivoting angle can be adjusted in a range of +5° to -30°.
• The additional stroke limitation means the amount of flow can be reproducibly set for butterflies and seals.
• Savings in costs, as special solutions are simply not needed (e.g. special switching cams or electrical solutions)
Corrosion Protection: Housing and Caps
Aluminium housing is hard-anodised and additionally from the outside powder-coated. Caps in die-cast aluminium is likewise powder-coated.
• Deployment possibilities in almost all situations, especially in critical environments.
Corrosion Protection: Piston
Aluminium die-cast pistons are hard anodised.
• Functional security even when using critical control device.
Corrosion Protection: AirPower-Safety-Springs
Captive springs are plastic-coated.
• Good corrosion protection ensures good service life.
• From APS-070 non-ferrous metal.
• Reduced service & maintenance costs.
• No danger of accidents.
O-Rings and Bearings
Standard seals deployable from -35° to +80° C.
• Wide temperature range.
• Cost-effective maintenance via easy exchange of seals and wearing parts.
ISO-Flange Patterns
Multiple ISO-Flange patterns per actuator size.
• Costs-savings through flexible automation of valves.
• Application also in locations where Silicon is not permitted for one reason or another, e.g. in paint spraying shops.


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