Scotch&Yoke Compact Hydraulic Actuators

Newly designed BYH Series incorporates several new design features to provide higher efficiency and cost effective solution. These actuators shows lightweight and compact design but above all introduce a new generation of patented mechanism which minimizes wearing effect on all loaded & sliding parts, thus extending overall lifespan.

These features boost BYH Series for all modulating as well as heavy-duty services virtually fitting any quarter turn (90 deg) application.

Construction and design make this product ideal for FPSO vessel, skid manufacturers and wherever space constraint and overall weight issues may arise.

Three off actuator center-body size available. Double-acting BYH Series are available with individual test and guaranteed minimum output torque ranging from 40 Nm (350 lb-ib) to 7,500 Nm (66,375 ln-in).
Our single acting BYH series requires pressure in onyl one stroking direction and they are available both for fail clockwise and counterclockwise application by simply reversing actuator mounting plane. These models produce spring ending torque ranging from 31 Nm (275 lb-in) to 2,080 Nm (21,080 lb-in).
The hydraulic operating pressure for the BYH Series ranges between 10 barg (145 psig) and 220 barg (3,190 psig).
Their standard design construction allows operating temperature from -30 degC (-22 degF) to +93 degC (+199 degF).
Low temperature extended operating range down to +60 degC (+76 degF).
Actuator Control Systems are integral part of any automated valve package. Our BYH Series actuators can be equipped with extensive range of auxiliary components specifically engineered and integrated to meet the largest variety of Customers' requests either for ON/OFF or modulating. Our Control System can be housed within cabinet &/or stainless steel (AISI316) panel folded over to provide sun-shade, and assembled on actuator or at remote location.
Position Monitor Device:
Virtually all positioning monitor devices can be assembled on top of our BYH Series actuators, responding to any kind of technical requirement.


  • Quarter turn Scotch Yoke mechanism
  • Double Acting / Single Acting
  • Symmetric or canted yoke design
  • Hydraulic power supply (up to 220 BARG)
  • Output torque up to 10.000 Nm
  • Standard temperature range -20°C +85°C
  • Low temperature version -60°C + 85°C
  • PED 97/23/EC Compliant
  • ATEX 94/9/EC Compliant
  • IP67M, NEMA 4, 4x & 6
  • SIL3 Certified IEC 61508
  • Corrosion resistant cylinder
  • Manual override available
  • Protected travel stops are standard
  • Modular concept
  • Actuator in carbon steel - NO Aluminum NO Cast Iron
  • Cylinder barrel, end flanges, tie-rods, nuts and power springs to EN10204 3.1


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