Pressure Booster

It is advisable to install a small air tank after the pressure booster to avoid pressure pulsation effects. Discharge the down stream circuit before any maintenance operation as the inner circuit of the booster does not allow the down stream line discharge even if the inlet pressure drops down.




The pneumatic pressure booster doubles the upcoming control pressure without additional foreign energie. In combination with our actuator we‘re reaching a doubling of torque. The working method is based on the pump effect of the four chambers cylinder as shown in the figure. Two chambers are alternatively compressing the air in the boost one, while the fourth one is discharging. By means of an internal circuit, the pressure booster keeps on pumping air till the down stream pressure reaches a value double the inlet pressure. When the down stream pressure decreases, the pressure booster starts again its alternating cycle till a new balance condition is restored. The pressure booster can be furnished complete with pressure regulator installed on the inlet port for getting an accurate outlet pressure value. A wall mounting plate is also available.


Connections: G 1/8“
Inlet pressure: 2 - 10 bar
Ambient temperature: -15ºC to +70ºC
Nominal orifice diameter: Ø 5 mm
Weight: 1,5 kg
Max. fittings torque: 15 Nm
Assembly position: Any 


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